What is MarketMapping?

MarketMapping is a tool to help us create a plan for your your online business presence and marketing, from your advertising to your website. Using a mind mapping tool, we will break down your business, your target market and your goals, and together determine what tools and resources we need to get your company in front of the people you need to reach, and how to bring them to you.

Mind Mapping has been around for a while, and has gained support in the last 5 years or so as a powerful tool to create visual solutions and lay out thoughts visually to enable us to see how everything links together to create the answer.

Satori Digital Marketing will sit down with you to explore your business, your target audience, and brainstorm the most effective methods of reaching them and bringing them to you. We will

  • build a map that shows how this will happen
  • lay out the materials and information needed to achieve the solution
  • set up a schedule to achieve your solution
  • teach you what you will be doing to use the tools to bring your target audience and keep them coming
  • bring your target audience to you quickly and efficiently!

This process takes anywhere from 2-3 hours, and will cover your business, your philosophy, pinpointing your target, tools, resources and budget. We will take copious notes, and also create the map on the fly as we work.

Sessions are $1195, $300 of which can be put towards implementation of your project should you hire us to do your work for you.