Business Marketing Support

Once we’ve got you on the path to growing your business and reaching¬† your target audience, you can maintain your site yourself by updating pages, adding blog posts, crossposting to Facebook and LinkedIn, backing up your site and databases, etc. However, some businesses prefer to outsource that work and that is where Satori Digital Marketing comes in.

We can provide the following services:

  • database backups
  • site backups
  • offline storage for up to 12 months
  • mail monthly CD with database and site backup to client
  • set up post-dated blog, facebook and twitter posts to send autmomatically
  • set up post-dated newsletter series or broadcasts for later sending
  • create/change pages and menus
  • create/change site look and feel
  • optimize new content for search engines
  • quarterly reviews of your MarketMap to make changes or update goals

Our marketing support offerings are as follows:

Site Integrity Maintenance – starting at $150/month

  • Backup of your site content – this is your actual website code
  • Backup of SQL database – this is the content and settings for your website
  • Offsite storage of backups (held for 12 months – always 2 most recent backups) – we will store your data at another location for 12 months
  • Up to 50MB uncompressed data ($10 per additional 10MB uncompressed data)
  • Send you a monthly DVD with your entire site and database on it for your records/retention ($20/month)
  • Restore your site from backup if it should crash ($100 flat fee per instance)

Marketing Ghost Services – starting at $299/month

A Marketing Ghost is where we act as you to post your content, i.e. pages, blogs, newsletters, tweets, facebook posts, etc. We will take your content (content to be provided by client), optimize it for your business keywords, create the necessary items, and set them up to post at your chosen times. Cost for this service monthly will vary depending on the volume of work required by the client. We will sit down with you to determine what you need, and give you a written proposal. Monthly fees must be paid at the beginning of each period for the work to be performed.

  • set up post-dated blog, facebook and twitter posts to send automatically
  • set up post-dated newsletter series or broadcasts for later sending
  • optimize new content for search engines

MarketMap ReVisit – $495

A MarketMap revisit is a 1-2 hour sit down meeting where we take your original MarketMap and see where we are on the map, what has been done, needs to be done, and how performance is progressing on the current path. We will make necessary adjustments and changes, and set in motion any new actions that may be needed to adjust for changes in your company or the market to ensure you stay on track to your goals.

Why would you need to do this? Many reasons:

  • changes in the internet – services and tools gain or lose market share and popularity and may change how they are working for you
  • changes in your business focus – your company may grow or shrink, add a new product line or service, change location, etc.
  • fine tuning – no plan is perfect out of the gate, and we cannot allow for unforeseen issues, unknown data, or other variables, so we recommend that you allow for adjustments in your ‘aim’ as you move forward in your plan to grow your business. This is always necessary, because no one can correctly anticipate every contingency and future development.